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Meeting my baby–an unfolding of love and discovery

Anticipating my fourth baby, I longed for a safe birth where we could transition together spontaneously. The moment I gave birth to my first baby, she was immediately whisked away for suctioning despite being vigorous at birth. The immediate cord clamping and suctioning was routine, and unnecessarily prevented us from seeing each other for nearly … Continue reading

International conference on cord clamping 2013

International Conference on Transitional Care Cutting the Cord 19 April 2013 The event will be held in the Centre for Professional Development, The Medical School, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom. Please visit the webpage for this conference for up-to-date and correct information click here Programme “Childbirth today is safer than it ever has been throughout history. Modern … Continue reading

Mother and baby–positioning after birth

“This is the first moment we met each other. I was so overwhelmed and stunned that our baby was here that I hadn’t even picked her up! She is still attached to the cord and the placenta isn’t birthed yet. Before the birth, I had visualised in my head that I would pick her up … Continue reading

Cord around the neck – what parents & practitioners should know

This article shares information about the common practice of checking for a nuchal cord during the second stage of labour, and unlooping or cutting the cord – interventions that are not evidence-based and can cause birth trauma. ********Updated Jan, 2012: This article focuses on theories and evidence where routine interventions associated with nuchal cord may be … Continue reading

The Beauty of a Natural Third Stage

The ‘third stage of labour’ is described as the time from birth of the baby to the expulsion of the placenta and membranes. Although succinct, this description does not capture the immense beauty of a natural third stage. Behold the exquisite moment of first contact between mother and baby in an undisturbed birth In natural … Continue reading

Cesarean section & delayed clamping

Cesarean section and delayed cord clamping “Immediate clamping is routine at cesarean section but lacks scientific evidence” (Erikson-Owens, 2009). Delayed clamping of the umbilical cord in cesarean section delivery is possible for many babies. In fact, delayed clamping in cesarean section is standard for some practitioners – to enhance placental transfusion and increase the baby’s blood volume at … Continue reading