Delayed Cord Clamping, Neonatal transition

International conference on cord clamping 2013

International Conference on Transitional Care


Cutting the Cord 19 April 2013

The event will be held in the Centre for Professional Development, The Medical School, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Cord clamping conference 2013

Please visit the webpage for this conference for up-to-date and correct information click here


“Childbirth today is safer than it ever has been throughout history. Modern medical technology allows us to detect problems early, and to tackle these problems effectively. But many births are free from problems, so the challenge for obstetrics today lies in understanding and supporting the natural process of childbirth, without over-medicalising it.

There’s no need for a conflict between a scientific approach to childbirth and a ‘natural’ one. Evidence-based practice should enable practitioners and parents to make informed decisions, limiting intervention to those cases where it is necessary for the health of mother and baby.
This conference is unusual in that it will bring together professionals to engage in lively debate about childbirth and best practice during the first day, and the second day is open to the public and includes a wider discussion about childbirth.

Friday 19th April   

Day 1: Transition and cord clamping (Healthcare Professionals)
08.30 Coffee and Registration
Session 1 – Chairs: Dr Andrew Gallagher & Dr Clare Willocks
                     09.30                     Welcome and Introductions                     Physiology as taught in medical text books Dr David Hutchon
                     09.50                     Effect of cord clamping on cardiac output and the cerebral circulation Dr Tonse Raju
                     10.30                     The value of the placental transfusion in preventing circulatory problems during transition at birth.  Transition at birth – the natural pace Professor Susan Niermeyer
                     11.00                     Changes in the umbilical blood gases in the cord vessels during transition Dr Nana Wiberg
                     11.30 Refreshments
Session 2 – Chairs: Professor Sir S Arulkumaran & Amanda Burleigh
                     12.00                     Delayed cord clamping in term babies  Dr Ola Andersson
                     12.30                     Outcomes after delayed cord clamping at birth in very preterm babies Professor Judith Mercer
13.00 Lunch
                     Session 3 – Chairs: Professor Susan Bewley & Dr David Hutchon
                     14.00                     Analysis of the Dublin records Dr John Monaghan
                    14.20                     The pathological approach to diagnosis of perinatal cerebral ischaemia Dr Tom Jacques
                    14.40                     Sudden Asystole Hypothesis Professor Judith Mercer
                    15.00                     Impact of delayed umbilical cord clamping at the limits of viability. Dr Carl Backes
                    15.20                     Assessment of the trolley Margaret Peake
15.40 Refreshments
                    16.00                     Panel debate and questions – evidence and best practice
                    17.00                     Close
                    20.00                     Conference Dinner

Programme subject to change.

About Kate Emerson

Kate Emerson is a practitioner with an interest in neonatal transitional physiology and clinical cord clamping practices. Please visit www.cord-clamping.com to read more.


8 thoughts on “International conference on cord clamping 2013

  1. Hi

    This will be well worth attending if it is half as good as the RCOG’s ‘Under-rated Umbilical Cord’ conference I went to in 2011, but we need to try and encourage attendance by more snr obstetricians and paediatricians to get practice to change quicker around delayed clamping and resus.

    I have information on this conference from the RCOG who are advertising the professionals day on the 19th. Is it a mis-print that you have it advertised for the 18th ?

    Posted by Sarah Northover | January 27, 2013, 10:35 am
    • Hi Sarah, thanks for your comment. I need to update the program, yes I believe the date has changed since I first posted. Kind regards, Kate

      Posted by Kate Emerson | January 30, 2013, 9:51 pm
      • Hi Kate

        Thats Great thanks.

        I have been a midwife for 4 years and have been interested in this topic since i was a student.I am glad that subject is now much more high profile and changes are occuring

        I have managed to get delayed cord clamping incorporated into our third stage guideline now and most are, at last, happy to impliment this with normal straight forward birth ( after much argument that ‘mixed management’ is not safe and the baby would be over transfused).

        There is still however much resistance with instrumental/CS births and in particular when the baby does not breath immediately or is premature,even though the evedence has been presented

        I am looking forward to this conference to bring back more ammunition to help with this. It so frustrating but nice to know that others are fighting out there too !

        Many thanks again


        Posted by Sarah | January 31, 2013, 2:44 am
  2. Dear Kate

    I hope you got to the conference and will post some of the information that was discussed and presented there?
    If not let us know where it will be posted

    Posted by Denise Hynd | April 25, 2013, 9:35 am
    • Hello Denise

      Unfortunately I didn’t attend the conference despite my initial plans. I’m in the third trimester of pregnancy and have several university deadlines this month. Linda Morge attended the event and she informs there have been video recordings made. Once available I will post links – really looking forward to seeing them!

      Warm regards,

      Posted by Kate Emerson | April 28, 2013, 5:20 pm
      • Dear Kate,
        I belong to a consumer organisation who is being pressured by representative of private cord bakning in NZ aw or drasticly alter a pamphlet about “Birthing the Placenta” so would very much appreciate any new information that supports leaving the cord to stop pulsating – not that I would personally do otherwise as a midwife!!

        Posted by Denise Hynd | April 30, 2013, 7:02 am
  3. Kate,
    I know this is from 2013 but was hoping for links you mentioned to videos from this conference? I am doing a research paper on this topic for my RN-BSN program. I am excited to see that a conference on this topic exists!
    Thank you,

    Posted by Jessy Walden | July 16, 2014, 5:24 pm


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